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Portrait of a Wombat - Linoprint
Portrait of a Wombat - Linoprint
Portrait of a Wombat - Linoprint
Portrait of a Wombat - Linoprint

Portrait of a Wombat - Linoprint

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Get a major dose of cuteness with this wombat linoprint! Perfect for a nursery or as a souvenir of Australia.

Here in Australia, the wombat is a much beloved animal (except maybe for farmers because they make holes in their fields). They are marsupials, so they have a little pouch and their baby lives in it until big enough to fend for itself. They sleep by day and forage by night and they have a reputation of being lazy, round, cuddly and a little destructive. They are so very cute.

Process and Materials

I have tried to capture a little of the wombat's personality in this print. 'Portrait of a wombat' has been printed individually using an intricately detailed rubber block which was carved by hand. Each print has been lovingly hand burnished. I use beautiful Japanese rice paper and artist quality printing ink to get a crisp image and really capture the features of this cute animal.


The print measures 5 inches wide by 7 inches high.


Each print is signed and packaged in a clear cellophane sleeve complete with protective backing board. It will be sent in a rigid mailer to protect it from damage.

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