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About Rowan

Rowan Sivyer, AKA Little Rowan Redhead, is a printmaker and painter who lives in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia. A self-proclaimed citizen of the world, Rowan acknowledges that much of her inspiration is drawn from her native country, New Zealand, and from her adopted country Australia.

Rowan paints, carves or prints every day. She is fuelled by a creative curiosity that has been with her from childhood. This hasn’t always been Rowan’s day job – she has a PhD in International Relations! However, a family health scare in 2012 was a watershed moment that put Rowan on a path to becoming a full time artist.

Rowan believes that artistic success comes down to a smidge of talent and a ton of hard work!

Her curiosity and thirst for new techniques has led her down many paths. Acrylics, collage, screen printing and stitching are just a few examples. However, Rowan has an enduring crush on printmaking and watercolour painting. 

Rowan is also a creative enabler - she enjoys teaching block printing and painting to others.