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5 things to consider when reorganising your studio!

There is nothing worse than getting back from a fabulous holiday to find your creative space messy, dusty and stifling. NOTHING gets made when you don't even want to be there, am I right? My first order of business for 2020 was to clean up, clear out and reorganise my studio. It took me a full week but I am now pumped to dive in and get working!

If this is something you would like to do yourself OR if you are thinking about designing a creative space from scratch OR if you are just interested in my process, here are some points to consider:

1. A tidy desk!
While my work space often gets cluttered while I in a middle of a project, its important to step back every now and then and clear the deck. A tidy work area invites you to sit down and get started. Make sure that your work area is big enough to suit your medium and style and try to have your most important and oft-used tools at close proximity.

Before the cleanup...

My main workspace after the clean-up

2. Make and maximise your space!
If you are like me (a Sydney Inner Westie) then space is at a premium at your house. My process is to a) cull supplies/artwork and then b) look at what I am keeping andI try to make every centimetre of my studio work for me. Good storage solutions are a must. I use all manner of plastic boxes, Ikea products and shoe boxes to divide and organise my art supplies. I try to use both floor space (including under my desk) and wall space (like my peg board - my FAVOURITE storage solution of all!). 

Storage under the desk
Ikea can be your friend!

3.Come out of the dark!
A vital part of any creative workspace is light. Try to maximise natural light in your space. Not only does light make you feel good but it also helps to keep colours true and its better for the health of your eyes. If you prefer to create at night, make sure you get a good, spotlight for close work. 

4. Personal Inspo!
Don't neglect your inner child by making your space too clinical and neat. Decorate YOUR creative space which thinks that make you happy. These little Asterix figures for example have been in my studio forever. They make my heart glad because it reminds me of being 17 and living in France! 

5. Make way for new work
Finally, think about that stack of artwork in the corner. What will you keep? Could you reuse/rework anything? What will you give away? Is there anything you would like to sell? This is the time to assess previous work in order to make room for all the new work you are going to create in your refreshed creative space! For example, I found a bunch of old canvases. Some I hung up around the house and some I listed in the store here

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