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Lucky dip collage paper set

Lucky dip collage paper set

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Are you interested in cut paper collage? Addicted to paper crafting and card making? Just in need of some inspiration? Then these lucky dip collage sets might be just the thing for you!

I am a paper hoarder! Not only do I hoard pretty scrapbook papers, arty papers and interesting magazine pages but I also create my own collage and card-making fodder by way of block printing, gift paper design and gelatin printing! My drawers are overflowing so I have taken the time to curate cute combos, mixing my collected and handmade papers to inspire and get you rolling on your next collage project. Plus I will throw in one full size piece of my designer tissue (50 x 75 cm) that you can use as gift wrap.

Whats included?

- ephemera (dictionary/book pages)

- different weighted and textured papers (scrapbook/origami/crate/washi)

- hand printed cards

- gelatine printed deli paper

- designer tissue


Please note that the photo shows an example of a lucky dip collage set and is not necessarily the set that will be sent to you! You will just need to trust that I will send you a great mix of papers!